Flynn responds to calls for resignation


by Laura Matovina

MILWAUKEE -- Family members of a man who died in the back of a Milwaukee Police squad car in July 2011 have asked Chief Ed Flynn to step down. But Milwaukee's top cop says he's not going anywhere.

Family members of Derek Williams have called for Chief Flynn to take responsibility for what happened to the 22-year-old. Squad video released last month showed Williams repeatedly asking officers for help because he could not breathe. Williams is then seen slumping over. He later died.

Chief Flynn says the protesters have made themselves clear and the department is addressing concerns over Williams' death, but he has no plans to quit.

"The most important thing is performance over time," Chief Flynn said. "I've got a firm grip on the police department."

"I've got a firm grip on our anti-crime strategies as well as community relations approaches. I recognize there are a few difficult issues perculating about right now. I intend to deal with them in the term."


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