First Lady Michelle Obama touts water in Watertown


by Matt Doyle

Watertown --   The First Lady simply said "it's good stuff" when describing water.  She was introduced by the Watertown High School student body president.  She said the first family feels better when they drink water.

"We felt healthier," Obama said.  "We felt more alert. The more water we drank the better we felt. We saw first hand that water is truly the original energy drink."

She said people need to drink more water.  Mrs. Obama made sure she wasn't telling people not to drink something, but just wants people to drink more water.

"The truth is water just gets drowned's supposed to be funny," Obama said.  "We figured we needed to get water back in the game. We needed to make sure water is boosted by the same kind of passion, and creativity, and innovative messaging that so many other products enjoy."

Obama played games and took pictures afterwards.


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