Fire at East Side Bike Shop


by Sandra Torres

MILWAUKEE-- A popular bike shop on Milwaukee's East Side caught fire Thursday morning.

The fire started in the back area of Crank Daddy's bike shop on Prospect Ave. and Kenilworth place around 8 a.m., according to Morry Katz, the building owner.

Fire crews were able to put out the fire quickly.

People doing laundry at a laundromat next to the bike shop smelled the smoke, and alerted the fire department.

"It kind of smelled smokey so the fire department came checked it out and left. Then a little while later, the smoke was getting stronger so the woman working the counter called them again and they came back and we walked out and there was this pillar of black smoke coming out," said Carol Munroe, who was doing laundry at the time.

Katz told CBS 58's Sandra Torres the fire was caused by an electrical issue and that both the bike shop and laundromat sustained smoke and water damage.


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