8 confirmed cases of crypto in North Shore communities; 12 probable cases


by Chris Patterson

WHITEFISH BAY -- The North Shore Health Department says there are eight confirmed crypto infections, and 12 probable infections throughout Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, and Bayside. Health officials say the infections did not come from drinking water.

Several sources say e-mails were sent out to schools whose students have become ill including Cumberland School in Whitefish Bay. We're told this involves a recreational area that is closed for the season. Officials would not confirm the name of this recreation area.

Tree of Life Preschool located inside the United Methodist Church in Whitefish Bay confirms a few infections have been reported.

Common symptoms associated with cryptosporidium are loose watery diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and a slight fever. In a letter to parents, school officials urge families to seek medical attention if the suspect a family member is infected. 

In 1993, the City of Milwaukee fell victim to the largest water-borne illness outbreak in American history when over 400,000 residents were infected by cryptosporidium.

According to the CDC, cryptosporidium, the parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis, can spread in several ways. Water is the most common method of transmission.

CLICK HERE for more information on cryptosporidium from the CDC.

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