Federal cuts closing Air Traffic Control Towers, creating longer lines


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- The TSA wants you to start arriving two hours early for flights because of Federal budget cuts.  Along with that, 149 air traffic control towers will close because of cutbacks.  Eight of those are in Wisconsin.  Three in the Milwaukee area.

"Definitely will affect the efficiencies of our operations," Waukesha County Airport/Crites Field director Kurt Stanich said.  "It will have a little bit of an increase in the safety risk calculation."

"The control tower helped facilitate faster departures and exiting of the airspace," Dan Gerard from Timmerman Airport said.  "[It] Faciiltated a more streamlined arrival into the airport."

The changes put more pressure on pilots like Harold Bourne.

"It does increase the risk a little bit," Bourne, who's flown for 60 years, said.  "We just have to work harder to make sure no accidents occur here."

The local airport managers all say they're working with local congressmen to try and stop the cuts.


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