Looming federal cuts to affect many in Wisconsin


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The looming federal cuts will impact Wisconsinites of all ages and background, whether it's changes to meal plans or air travel.

 The sequester would cause Milwaukee County to lose 2,000 meals in a year, according to the Milwaukee County Department on Aging.

Elmbrook School District is already crunching numbers and  estimates the sequester would mean about $150,000 in cuts next year. That's money that supports the free lunch program, staff development and assistance for students with disabilities.
Elmbrook's cuts would be part of the $8.5 million the federal government would no longer give to Wisconsin schools.
The lack of funds puts 120 teacher and aide jobs on the line and serves 10,000 fewer students.

Job assistance centers are also bracing for cuts. Washington plans to slash  funding that would help more then 23,000 Wisconsinites get jobs. Those are the places former employees at the burned down Burlington processing plant  and the bankrupt dairy plant in Waukesha turned to for help.

Cuts loom over air travel too, meaning delays disruptions and long lines at security could be on the horizon.

"It's going to be annoying but there is nothing we can do about it," says Traveler Tim Selby.

"Our greatest hope is that Washington would learn to get something done so that these things don't have to happen," adds Nancy Selby.

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