Father accused of sexually abusing five daughters in court


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- A 48-year-old man faces 42 criminal charges after allegedly raping and sexually abusing five of his 15 biological daughters over several years. Opening statements were read this morning, but with many interruptions.

We're identifying the 48-year-old defendant as EB to protect the identity of the alleged victims.

The 48-year-old decided to represent himself after not being happy with the representation of four different public defenders. During the state's opening statements, EB made at least five objections. He was over ruled several all five times.

Five of EB's daughters, who are now ages 17-23, all accuse their father of sexually abusing them as early as 11 years of age. The girls say the abuse escalated over the years, and they feared for the safety of their mother's life.The girls say their mother could not protect them.

The daughters are expected to testify during this trial.


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