Father accused of sex assault removed from courtroom


by Chris Patterson
by Matt Doyle

MILWAUKEE -- Disturbing testimony and a defiant defendant characterize the trial against of a Milwaukee man accused of sexually assaulting five of his own daughters. We identify the defendant as EB to protect the identity of the victims.

EB has been disruptive in court since the first day of the trial. He's fired three public defenders, then decided to represent himself with a standby attorney. Today, Milwaukee County Judge Borowski ordered the defendant, EB, be removed from the courtroom for the remainder of the trial.

He let E.B. back in the courtroom Friday afternoon only to send him out again.  E.B. argued about his constitutional rights but Judge Borowski wasn't going to hear it.  Sheriff's deputies took him out.

Before court even began Friday morning, EB's standby attorney filed a motion for a mistrial. As the prosecutor made an argument to keep the trial going, EB interrupted her. That interruption was the final straw for Judge Borowski. He removed EB from the courtroom for good.

Just a day earlier Judge Borowski revoked  EB's right to defend himself after asking inappropriate questions while cross-examining his alleged victims.

The trial moved on without EB in court. He was able hear court proceedings using an audio device in a different room.

The trial will continue Monday Morning at 9:00 am.  Judge Borowski said he'll most likely give E.B. another chance to cooperate in the courtroom.


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