Father flaunts cash on Facebook, Busted for child support


by Elizabeth Fay

 MILWAUKEE -- He skipped out on paying for child support for years and now Christopher Robinson, 23, is caught posing for Facebook photos holding wads of cash and liquor.

Court documents show he's a father of a two year old, and never made a single child support payment. What he probably wasn't thinking while updating his profiles is that the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is watching.

Facebook helps the office to build child support cases. "It's a great investigative tool for us because it gives us a glimpse into their real lives that our targets may be living," says Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern.

He says photos may be enough to lead to an arrest or at least effective in strengthening a case. "What a photograph enables us to do, is if somebody has more money than maybe they are indicating they do, that allows us to apply to the court for a search warrant," says Lovern.

In Robinson's case, the court ordered Facebook to allow the D.A.'s Office full-access to his account. Now he faces several felony charges for failing to support their kids.

"Generally what we are trying to do is make sure that parents fulfill their responsibilities to their children," says Lovern.


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