Athlete testing expert reacts to latest in Braun controversy


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Ryan Braun's attorney issued a statement that seems to contradict the MVP's explanation for his name showing up on documents from a suspected doping clinic in Miami, FL. That clinic and the man who runs it, Tony Bosch, are accused of supplying performance enhancing drugs to several high profile players. Along with Braun, Alex Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera are rumored to be on Bosch's client list.

In a statement issued February 5th, Braun explained "During the course of preparing for my successful appeal last year. My attorneys who were previously familiar with Tony Bosch used him as a consultant."

Braun's attorney, David Cornwell, issued his own statement saying, "I was not familiar with Tony Bosch prior to Ryan Braun's case, and I found Bosch's value to be negligible."

Representatives from Major League Baseball are in Miami reviewing those documents, and depending on what they find Braun may face sanctions.

Marquette University Assistant Professor David Leigh, an expert in the field of testing athletes for performance enhancing drugs, questions why an attorney would choose to associate with what he calls a renegade clinic. "I would think you'd want to get your information from a medical doctor a researcher in the field someone who's got some more credentials," says Leigh.

Leigh believes everyone should give Braun the benefit of the doubt until more comes out.



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