Family's plea to find missing daughter

Michelle Fisher is a runaway without her meds


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-A family is reaching out to the public for help to find their runaway teenager.

Michelle Fisher went missing Friday afternoon.

Her family, who lives on the southside,  has filed a report with the police.

Anyone with information is asked to call:  414-935-7222 or take her to the nearest police station.

Tina Root, the girl's mother, says she is worried sick about her daughter because she has mental health issues and has not taken her meds for a full 24 hours.

When she was last seen Michelle was wearing black and grey shorts, black nike sandals, red tank top and a yellow sweat jacket.

Her hair is dyed red and black. Her bangs are dyed black and the rest is red and the tips of her hair is black, but the black part of the dye makes it look dark brown. 


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