Saturday, October 25, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Mother of killed 15-year-old speaks out
by Laura Rodriguez

MILWAUKEE -- A family is in mourning after 15-year-old Brendaliz Morales is shot and killed in her home on Milwaukee's south side. Police say they have an 18-year-old male relative in custody, and family members say that relative is the girl's brother.

CBS 58's Laura Rodriguez sat down with Brendaliz's mother for an exclusive interview just hours after the incident. Isabel Rodriguez, mother of Brendaliz Morales, says she heard the early morning gunshot.

She tells us she saw her son hugging her daughter's lifeless body in the living room. She says, "It was an accident. It was not on purpose."

Rodriguez explains the siblings had a great relationship, and when she went to bed that night they were even joking around and laughing. "When I walked out of my room, he kept telling Brendaliz to forgive him," she says. "He said the gun just fell, and it was an accident."

Police were told by Rodriguez that her son has special needs, and didn't know the boy had a gun. "My son just doesn't understand things quickly. You have to explain things to him several times for him to understand well," says Rodriguez.

While police say they have an 18-year-old male in custody, the family contends that he is 19-years-old.

Family members tell us Brendaliz will most likely be buried in Puerto Rico where her father and other siblings live.