Family Speaks Out After Mother Was Found Murdered

Police Arrest One Man for Killing


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-Police say 45 year old Teresa Boone was stabbed to death Sunday night in Kilbourn Reservoir Park.

A 32 year old man has been arrested and robbery appears to be the motive.

On Monday, family members opened up about the mother and grandmother.

"That's a hurtin' feeling," Robert Quinn told CBS 58's Vanessa Murphy, "I just got a pain inside me which keeps aching and every time I think about all the memories that me and her had together."

He says they had three children together.

"I had to call my daughter and explain to her," Quinn continued, "I gotta tell you something. Somebody just killed your mama."

Police say witness information was vital to making the arrest.

The family expressed thanks but lamented how Boone will never get her second chance.

She had battled back from alcohol addiction and was earning a masters degree in education at UW Milwaukee.


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