Families flock to Summerfest


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE--There were lots of kids on Summerfest grounds Tuesday to enjoy Children's Fest Day and all of the fun activities associated with the event.

Eight-year-old Austin Smith of Mukwonago said his favorite activity was "going on the sky thing."  From that vantage point he saw thousands of people enjoying Summerfest.  "There's a lot of people, especially from up there," he said.

Saturday there were concerns over massive crowds at the gates and on the grounds.  Cell phone video posted on social media showed concert-goers shoulder to shoulder.

Parents tell CBS 58 what happened Saturday wasn't a factor in their decision to bring their kids to Children's Fest Day. "Not at all," said Christy Hardenbrook of St. Francis.  "I've been coming to Summerfest for years and it never crossed my mind, it's safe here."


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