Controversy over faith and football


by Tiffany Tarpley

SHOREWOOD--Controversy surrounding the Messmer-Shorewood football team’s helmet logo has prompted school leaders to make changes.

The issue concerning the current logo is the implementation of a religious symbol, a cross. The team is made up of students from Messmer High School which is Catholic and Shorewood High School which is public. Shorewood’s graphic design students made the logo to represent both schools and it was first used this football season.

The new logo will be a football with the words “2012 Playoffs” and next year a new one will be created.

“This is not something that we’re going to start a battle with because of how much we’ve gained and learned by working together as these two communities,” said President of Messmer Catholic Schools Brother Bob Smith.

The new logo will be put on the helmets Friday afternoon. School leaders are hoping the focus will now be on the students and the success they’ve had so far this season.


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