Flu Hitting Wisconsin

More severe strain


by WDJT Assignment Desk
by Stephanie Brown

MILWAUKEE-- This year's flu strain, H3N2 is hitting earlier than normal this year.

With the number of influenza cases running significantly higher than last year this time, state health officials encourage Wisconsin residents to get flu shots.

If you or your loved ones and friends haven't been vaccinated they say it's not too late.

Health officials say the Flu is spreading fast in the southern portion of the country and is headed up to Wisconsin.

State health officials have also reported an increase in flu cases this year.

There have been 113 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases reported this season, compared to seven cases this time last year.

It is critical for older people and children to be vaccinated. According to the Center for Decease Control everyone ages six months and older should be vaccinated.

Several workers still head into work when they're sick.

Health officials emphasize you are contagious at various stages of your illness and if you are sick you should stay home.


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