Eye on the Prize...$400 Million Powerball Jackpot Tonight!


by Chris Patterson

WEST ALLIS -- Lots of folks are seeing dollar signs with a Powerball prize worth at least $400 million on the line with tonight's drawing just before 10pm.

Tonight's jackpot is the fifth largest in the nation's history.  The odds, one and 175 millions, are obviously stacked against us. But it's not stopping us from hoping and handing over loose dollar bills in our pocket. 
When the jackpot swells to astronomic levels, like today, many places where you can purchase a ticket say the high demand actually hurts their normal day-to-day business.  They say it gets disruptive.  But the fact the actual establishment selling the winning ticket gets a two percent cut, up to $100 thousand dollars, makes it a priceless pill to swallow.  
Tonight's cash value is roughly $224 million if you choose to take the lump sum before taxes.  Also make sure to tune to CBS58 News at 10 for those winning numbers.  Good luck!


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