Extreme Heat Takes a Toll on Dairy Farmers


by WDJT Editor
by Sandra Torres

HARTFORD -- The extreme heat is taking a toll on Wisconsin's dairy farms.

"The cows are being challenged tremendously," said Greg Goeller, owner of a dairy farm in Hartford.

The heat is affecting their health, their reproduction and their milk volume, according to Goeller. It's a situation that is all too familiar in dairy farms across the state.

"Right now, they should be laying down, comfortable, and producing milk. But now, they are trying to stand to evaporate some of the heat as they can," said Goeller.

The Goeller family, which has owned the farm since 1879, keeps their 800 cows in a free stall barn and uses fans and sprinklers to keep them cool.

Despite what dairy farmers are doing to keep their cows healthy, experts say they could lose up to 20% of their milk production, due to the extreme heat. That could mean the prices of dairy crops could go up, according to the Journal Sentinel.

But for Mr. Goeller, that's not a main concern.

"A good healthy animal versus a little bit of possibly higher food price, you can't compare that."


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