Explosives found in Germantown home detonated


by Tiffany Shepherd

GERMANTOWN--  A 33-year-old man is arrested after explosives were found in his Germantown home. Germantown Police were alerted to the possible presence of explosives at a residence near County Line Road and Fond du Lac Ave around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Officers made entry into the home and located hundreds of explosives in the basement of the home. Neighbors said that they were asked to evacuate their homes for a couple of hours.

On Wednesday police found drugs in the home and more explosives that were located in other parts of the house and inside a car. They were removed from the home and detonated at a local quarry.

The suspect was talking with investigators, but they weren't sure how reliable his story was. The 33-year-old man lives wit his grandmother. He wrote an autobiography about his battle mental illness and has a long list of misdemeanor convictions.

But now he faces possible felony charges of possessing explosives and drugs.The District Attorney's Office will review the case for possible charges Thursday.




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