Emotional Sentencing in Milwaukee County Courtroom


by Michele McCormack

GREENFIELD-It was the final chapter for the justice system Friday, when 38 year old Christoper Gish was sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

Prosecutors and family say he went into an unfounded and jelous rage in the summer of 2012 and stabbed his girlfriend Margaret Litwicki to death.

Her two young sons were sleeping nearby.

"I will feel regret for what happened," Gish told the court, "I wish I could go back and undo this. I can't."

The family tried to console each other in the thought that he'd be close to 80 when he got out..maybe he couldn't hang on that long.

 "Thank God the Judge said something about domestic violence," the victm's mother, Deborah Wensierski  told CBS 58, "because it has to stop. My daughter was ready to leave him and that's why he went to this extreme."



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