Elderly man pulled over by possible cop impersonator


by Becky Mortensen

TOWN OF BURLINGTON---The Racine County Sheriff's Office is investigating a suspicious incident that occurred Thursday around 4:00pm in the Town of Burlington.

A 71-year-old Burlington area man operating his car on STH 36 and Yahnke Road in the reported he had been stopped by an apparent law enforcement officer in a silver sedan with red and blue interior lights.

The driver stated he was given a warning by the officer.

After the stop, the driver could not locate his car keys and thought the officer may have forgotten to give them back. The man called the Sheriff's Office who determined a Sheriff's Deputy had not performed this traffic stop.

A Sheriff's Investigator contacted the Burlington man early this morning Friday morning for follow up and the driver said he did find his car keys in the back seat of his car.

The Sheriff's Office is currently investigating this matter and is considering the possibility that this was a stop made by another law enforcement agency.

Please contact Racine County Sheriff's Office at (262) 636-3318 if you have information about this vehicle.


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