East side armed robbers facing charges after quick arrests


by Carlos Vergara

MILWAUKEE -- Five suspects, among them two women are in hot water tonight for a string of armed robberies they now find themselves accused of.

The three robberies targeted pedestrians on the east side of Milwaukee within the hours of around   2 am and 3 in the morning on Saturday night.

Within 40 minutes, until they were apprehended by a pair of vigilant police officers, the group, managed to rob numerous people of cell phones and cash among other.

According to police, the group used a handgun in all of the robberies which began along 16th street and  North Astor Street around 2:20 a.m.  Just 20 minutes later, they struck in the 1700 block of North Arlington Place, and finally, along 25th street and North Maryland Avenue around 3 a.m.
Police located the suspects after a witness called police and described a getaway vehicle.

Once police made the stop, they managed to find the stolen property in the car and trunk of the car.

Four of the suspects are from Milwaukee, a fourth is from Greenfield. They ranged in ages from 17 to 21 years of age.
Police suspect the group may have been targeting people who were distracted after a night out on, or around Brady street eatery's and pubs.
The District attorney's office is still deciding on whether to pursue charges against the five detainees.


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