Egyptian Americans React to Change


by WDJT Graphics

MILWAUKEE -- Most local Egyptian-American's in the Milwaukee area are content with the change of power in their home country.

Abdul Assad, a local merchant and native of Egypt, say's he looks forward to the positive changes that Adli Mansour, the former Chief Justice of Egypt's Supreme Court will bring about.

Assad say's that Egypt has seen it's share of economic and social strife his native Egypt has had to endure under former president Mohammed Morsi, and that his overthrow was much needed.

However, he does not agree with the media's portrayal of Morsi's ousting as a military coup, adding that the military was simply a force used to keep the peace as the majority of the country marched in Cairo's Tahrir Square, asking for him to step down.

Meantime, Egypt's top general's suspended their nation's constitution as the former leader was placed under house arrest.


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