Downtown club fights to stay in business


by Chris Patterson
by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE -- Patrons of the downtown night club 618 LIVE are accused of violent and nuisance behavior. According to documents filed with Milwaukee's licensing committee there have been shootings, fights, noise and other nuisance behavior in the area involving patrons.

The complaint details concerns from the general manager at the Hilton Garden Inn, which is behind the club. It states, in part, "the activities of 618 Live have resulted not only in threating (sic) the safety and enjoyment of guests, but the financial well being of the hotel..."

The club's general manager, Habib Manjee, said they've never had major problems inside or directly outside of the club.  "We have evidence that we not running a very bad club like people are hating us like that," he said.

Manjee said security and safety are top priorities.

Both sides will present their case during a special meeting in October about the request to revoke the club's license. 


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