CBS 58 Special Report: Don't get hosed at the car wash!

The grimy facts of car washes...


by WDJT Weather

(Milwaukee)--With warmer spring weather comes the need to rid your car of all the cold weather road dirt, grime and salt.

And if you are not a do-it-yourselfer, before you head to out to your neighborhood car wash, we've uncovered some helpful details you need to know.

It's information to save you time, money, and maybe even a damaged vehicle.

There are so many options when it comes to getting a car wash. Do I get the basic one of something more elaborate? Most people we spoke with all said the same thing. They prefer the basic $5 to $10 wash. The experts say this is what you should be doing. Choose the no frills option at least once a week.

Obviously for a deeper clean, it's all in the detail like auto detailing businesses. And while this detailer might not necessarily be better than your average automated car wash, it's definitely much more hands on with the extensive waxing and buffing.

Detailing your vehicle doesn't come cheap. It could cost you hundreds of dollars for work inside and out. But the belief is it's a great way to maintain what could be one of your single biggest investments. Waxing is recommended twice a year, summer and winter. While consistent cleaning, the pros tell us, will help prevent rusting. Also, they say focus on getting off the gunk below your car, especially in the winter. This can be done at any car wash for just a few bucks. Don't forget to keep the wheels and tires clean too.

Regardless if you choose a high end detail or something a little more basic, you need to know how to recognize the signs of a bad wash. It's advised to look out for haze on the paint. Notice lines or even scratches. They can happen even with an expensive hand wash. In addition, make sure the overall place looks clean (not to mention the water!) Ask about inspections and liability policies when in doubt.

Again, if it's a simple car wash you are seeking, don't get caught up in the upsell. Those little extras, easily adding up in the end, aren't necessary if all you want is a clean car.


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