Donald Driver's big announcement

new effort to focus on unsung heroes in community


by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-It wasn't that long ago that Donald Driver stood at a podium to announce his retirement from football.

On Tuesday the Packers all time leading Wide Receiver announced that he's diving head first into the world of philanthropy.

"I'm not going anywhere. Regardless of my retirement I'm going to continue to be the face of Wisconsin," Driver said to a rousing round of applause.

He then announced that he is expanding his foundation with an annual program called "Driven to Achieve Awards."

It will be national in scope but Driver vows it will include Wisconsin and local recipients with BMO Harris Bank committing close to $400,000 over the a three year period.

Driver chose the St. Marcus Lutheran School to make the big announcement. His foundation has long been involved here with programs to keep kids fed, healthy and eager to learn.

Driver says he wants the unsung mentors and volunteers and fundraisers to start getting some credit and support.

"They never get a standing ovation like I do in Lambeau,"  Driver explained, " But I really want to shine a light on those people. I know there are heroes in Wisconsin, because I have seen them and now I want everyone else to see them."



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