Dog tied to median, abandoned in extreme heat


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE--Officers with the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission rescued a dog that was tied to metal pipes along a median Wednesday.

It's unclear how long the dog was there but officers drove to the scene as soon as they received a call from a neighbor.

The dog was left alone, in the sun without water on a day when temperatures reached well into the 90s. There were signs the dog was suffering from being out in the heat.  "That's that heavy panting, it's hard.  It's also at a fast pace," explained Animal Control Officer Robin Stoiber.

The dog was driven from the area near 13th and Fond du lac and taken to the shelter where he was monitored and continued to cool off.  The dog is expected to be okay.

"I think sometimes people forget, like us, animals also need water, get hot in the sun, they are covered with fur so they do heat up hotter than us usually," said Stoiber.

In general she recommends pet owners should keep their pets in the house during hot days and give them plenty of water.  If you feel you have to walk your dog, wait until after dusk and don't go for long walks.

Stoiber said heat exhaustion happens fairly quickly and the earliest sign is fast panting.


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