Dog Dies After Pitbull Attack in Kenosha


by WDJT Editor

KENOSHA--A Kenosha woman had to put her dog down after a pitbull attacked it while going for a walk in her neighborhood.

Hope Peckham says she was walking her two dogs in the Oak Wood Mobile Park in Kenosha when the Pitbull attacked them.

As Hope was on the ground protecting Ginger, several neighbors came out to try to help.

Ginger made it to the hospital, but once there, doctors told Hope there wasn't much they could do.

"My decision was to put her down because she's been a good friend... and they couldn't fix her for me," said Hope.

Even after losing Ginger, Hope says she's not angry at the Pitbull owner.

"I think we have to really think about what kind of dogs we put in this community and I understand my poodle can bite, any dog can bite, but we usually can get control of them," said Hope.


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