Disturbing details about alleged fetal abduction homicide


by Rielle Creighton

MILWAUKEE—The woman accused of a brutal fetal abduction homicide appeared in court Monday.

Annette Morales-Rodriguez walked into the courtroom silent with her head down during her entire court hearing.

But, she told investigators that she desperately wanted another baby, but was unable to get pregnant.

She had lied to her boyfriend and faked a pregnancy for months.

According to the criminal complaint she went looking for a pregnant woman whose baby she could take.

She found Marita Ramirez-Cruz waking and told police that she offered her a ride.

She took the pregnant woman inside of her home and beat her with a baseball bat, choked her and duct taped her up.

That’s when she took an exacto knife and tried to perform a c-section like she had seen on the Discovery channel.

The baby was not breathing so she called 911 for help.

She wanted to make it look like she had just given birth so took the dead mothers blood and rubbed it between her thighs.

It was when she got to the hospital that authorities start to realize something was not right about her story.

They realized that she had not in fact given birth and they went back to her home to find Marita Ramirez-Cruz dead.

Ramirez-Cruz was just ten days away from her due date before she and her baby boy were killed.

The bail for Morales-Rodriguez was set for $1 million.


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