Diet bombshell

two meals may be better than grazing on smaller snacks


by Michele McCormack

It's been all the rage in the diet industry; to graze on smaller meals throughout the day.

But a new study says two bigger meals a day worked better.

Gordon Selley a diet motivational speaker says he starts grazing in the morning to kick start his metabolism.

"I'm grazing with a lot of protein and some carbohydrates, " he explains, "and little bit of fat here and there."

But a study from Research for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague found that people with type 2 diabetes who ate two large meals a day lost more weight than when they consumed six smaller meals with the same amount of calories.

Some thinks that's putting focus in the wrong area.

"We are the only species on the planet that eats simple carbohydrates," said Dr Mitchell Roslin an expert in obesity, " that's sugars and white bread and less of that would be better."

Dr. Roslin says the only conclusion you can draw from the study is that if you're going to commit to a 1,500 calorie diet it's better to do it in  two  750 calorie meals than six 250 calorie chunks.

Still, nutritionists would argue the longer you go between meals the larger tendency there is to overeat when you do sit down.

"You're going to wind up eating more because you feel hungrier between meals," says Dr. Roslin, "this study doesn't answer that question."

The study's application to non-diabetics is unclear.

It's best to check with your own doctor.


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