Derek Williams Case To Move Forward Wednesday


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE-- A special prosecutor might reveal when an inquest proceeding might begin into the death of 22-year-old Derek Williams.

Williams is the robbery suspect who died in police custody in July 2011. Reports indicate officers waited to get medical help when he began complaining about having problems breathing.

Special prosecutor, former Judge John Franke, has been combing through evidence to try to determine what exactly led to Williams' death.

During a court appearance back in October, Franke said outside medical experts could be needed during proceedings because there are too many unanswered questions in the Medical Examiner's report.

Franke also warned this process could take months.

Williams' aunt, Maeleen Jordan, told CBS 58 News after that court hearing that "if it takes another year, year and a half to resolve this I'm not in a hurry. The family's not either. We just want justice."


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