Deputy punished for Packer pride?


by Keith Meka

MILWAUKEE - A sheriff's deputy on desk duty because of an accident believes he's being retaliated against because he showed his Packer pride. Wednesday, 12/12/12, was declared Aaron Rodgers Day because of his uniform number. County Executive Chris Abele encouraged county employees to wear Packer's gear and make a donation to the MAAC fund on Aaron Rodger's day.

Deputy Sheriff Roy Felber was sent home for wearing a Packer's jersey. He says his work email privileges were taken away a few years ago by the sheriff. Felber says that made it impossible to receive the recent email from Sheriff Clarke telling his employees not to wear Packer's clothing on Wednesday.

Felber says after he was contacted by the media, he found out he was being transferred and his shift was changed from first to third. Felber also says he has to wear long sleeves to cover up the tattoos on his arms, but other deputies with tattoos are not subjected to that order.

Felber believes this is all retaliation for wearing the jersey. Sheriff's spokesperson Fran McLaughlin said, “It appears Deputy Felber is trying to draw attention and I’m not going to waste the Sheriff’s time with this nonsense."


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