Injured deputies talk about crash


by Mike Strehlow

Waukesha---Waukesha County Sheriff's Deputies Bryan Skaar and Patrick Sykes were parked in the median of I-94 monitoring traffic in the early morning hours of November 1st when their rear-facing radar clocked a car going 74 miles per hour.

The speeding car was heading straight for the back of their squad.

"By the time I looked up we got hit," Sykes said. "I mean it was a matter of seconds. It's nothing I've every felt before."

Skaar described the impact, "like we were in a Coke can that was being crushed, that crunchy metal on metal sound."

The injured and dazed deputies crawled out of their wrecked squad and saw the car that had hit their's was on fire. The teenage driver was trapped, waving his his arms for help.

"As he started to crawl out the window, I guided him out, started moving him away from the car when he told me my friend's in there! My friend's in there!"

The friend was trapped in the passenger seat, unconscious and badly injured. Sykes pulled him out.

"I just started dragging him away from the vehicle as fast as I could. Cause as we were getting there, the fire started getting bigger and bigger and bigger."

The 17-year-old West Allis boy was airlifted to the hospital but died a few days later.

The 18-year-old driver from St. Francis faces drunken driving and homicide charges.

Sykes said there are too many drunken drivers on the road.

"It's unfortunate that things like this have to come to light in order to have change, for people to realize that hey this is some serious stuff that's going on."

Deputies Skaar and Sykes amazingly walked away from the crash with minor back, arm, leg, and face injuries.


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