Democrats accuse Gov. Walker of "pay to play" scheme


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gives his gubernatorial victory speech on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Walker successfully overcame a recall vote that would have stripped him of his job.


by David Ade

MADISON -- Controversy is swirling around Governor Scott Walker. The Wisconsin State Journal broke news that Ashley Furniture is in line for a six million dollar tax credit despite a plan to cut almost two-thousand jobs.

According to the paper, the vote happened in a closed door Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation meeting in January. Governor Scott Walker chairs WEDC's board, and about a month later, high ranking members of Ashley Furniture donated a combined $20,000 to Walker's campaign. This is on top of the controversy that broke last Friday. That's when details came out that an out of state mining company made a massive $700,000 donation to Wisconsin Club for Growth. Then months later, a divided state Legislature passed looser mining restrictions.

Tuesday, Democratic leaders are using those two cases to call Walker corrupt.

“Scott Walker’s pay-to-play corruption is at best unethical and at worst completely criminal. And if it isn’t criminal, it should be.” said Mike Tate, Democratic Party of Wisconsin's chairman.



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