Democrats Accuse Romney of "Dirty Tricks"

for passing out sub sandwiches to potential voters


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin says republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaign is guilty of election bribery.

It filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board over Romney's campaign appearance Tuesday at a submarine sandwich shop.

The complaint made reference to this comment by Romney captured by CBS 58 News cameras:

"I gotta tell you how much I appreciate you coming by and getting a free sandwich today. That is, that's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Now most of you have voted already. A few of you have not. And I want to make sure that people across Wisconsin get out and vote today."

A Romney Spokesperson issued the following response:

"This is a laughable stunt by the Democrats designed to distract from President Obama's disastrous polices that have resulted in record job losses and skyrocketing gas prices. Democrats are willing to do and say anything to avoid a discussion about the President's three years of failure in the White House."

The Romney campaign also claims that election law allows campaigns to provide refreshments at events so long as they don't induce people to vote in a particular way.


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