Tighter security causes long lines at Milwaukee County Courthouse


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- Moving through the security checkpoints at the Milwaukee County Courthouse reportedly took more than an hour on Monday. The delays came after heightened security at the courthouse. Now, people must remove their shoes and belts to be screened for security purposes.

"I thought the taking our shoes off was a really big deal, but at the same time, if that's what keeps us safe," says Veronica Fonville who waited in line.

MIlwaukee Couny Sheriff David Clarke implemented another change. He assigned deputies to watch over the building's six security checkpoints which are already staffed with guards.The changes come after the sheriff says an undercover deputy was able to pass through all six of the security checkpoints with a gun. The additional safety checks caused the greatest delays at peak times like the morning and right after the lunch hour.

"The morning was hectic. People were very angry. They needed to go to court and it just took a long time," says Security Guard, Nada Mcguire.

The hold up at securty put some people more than an hour behind schedule. "We had 10 or 12 jurors call us saying hey, we are stuck in this line," says Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court, John Barrett . "It may impact us having to cancel a hearing or have another hearing, so that churnning of cases could have to happen if these delays continue," he adds.

The County Executive's Office asks people visiting the courthouse to arrive 30 minutes early.


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