Deer Hunting Basics: CBS 58 Reporter Shoots Gun on Live TV


by WDJT Editor

MUSKEGO-- Thousands of hunters are getting ready for deer hunting season, which begins on Saturday.

CBS 58's Sandra Torres reported live from Hunter's Nest in Muskego on Thursday morning about deer hunting safety.

Stephanie Schuler, who's been a deer hunt safety instructor for the past 20 years, taught Sandra how to shoot a gun for the first time (watch clip above). She also gave out some tips on what to keep in mind while deer hunting.

Schuler says it's important to remember hunters must wear 50% of blaze orange clothing from the waist up.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, this year there were almost 376,000 licenses sold as of Tuesday, compared to 403,000 last year.

The DNR plans to hold a series of online chats leading up to Saturday's opening day. Experts will answer questions and provide tips . For more information, click here:


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