Deadly lightning strike


by Mike Strehlow

Duluth, MN--CBS 58 News has obtained some new images of the storm that killed a young Wisconsin boy and injured members of his family.

Photographer Daniel Thralow took the photos Saturday evening as he stood on a hill in Duluth, Minnesota overlooking the Lake Superior shoreline.

"I set up the camera and just started catching the storm," Thralow told CBS 58's Mike Strehlow during a phone interview Monday. "So it kept growing and it was a very interesting cloud formation. "

A Wisconsin couple, their two young sons, the boys' grandparents, and another couple were trying to seek shelter from the fast-approaching storm along a beach at Minnesota Point after an afternoon of sailing on Lake Superior.

Investigators say five people, including 9-year-old Luke Voigt, were still in the water when the bolt of lightning struck near the sailboat at 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

"The biggest strike that I had caught was during that period, and so it did seem to hit right out there where they had been sailboating," said Thralow.

The Duluth News Tribune reports one of the victims told a deputy that when the lightning struck, it was like a grenade went off, blowing everyone off their feet.

Luke Voigt was killed.

Everyone but Luke's 7-year-old brother suffered injuries.

They were treated and released from a Duluth hospital.

Residents of the Voigt's hometown of Iron River, Wisconsin are mourning Luke's death and praying for the survivors of this tragic voyage on Lake Superior.

"Oh my's Luke Voigt," said Iron River resident Michelle Drougas. "It's this family from Iron River and classmates, and schoolmates, and the lovely mother and father, and his little brother... I mean....what are you going to say, what are you going to do?"


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