UPDATE: Judge removes defendant as own attorney in sexual torture trial


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- The trial of a Milwaukee man accused of sexually assaulting five of his daughters has reached day two. The 48-year-old man chose to represent himself, which is leading to heated exchanges in the courtroom.

The first witness on the stand was one of the defendant's daughters. When it came time to cross-examine the witness, the defendant asked her to show her ears. Following the strange request, Milwaukee County Judge Borowski removed the jury and defendant from the courtroom.

The judge went back into his chambers to decide whether or not the defendant would stay in the courtroom for the remainder of the trial. Attorneys were even looking at law books to decide what to do.

Judge Borowski gave the defendant, what he says is a final warning. "Your intentional behavior will not continue to be tolerated...represent yourself," said Judge Borowski.

Following the warning, the defendant's 23-year-old daughter took the stand. She described how the defendant touched her inappropriately when she was 13-years-old. She said her father was checking to see if she was still a virgin.

Judge Borowski revoked the man's rights to represent himself after he told his daughters during cross examination, "If I wanted to do this to you, I could."


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