Friday, October 24, 2014

Daughter of man ordered not to procreate defends father
by Tiffany Tarpley

RACINE--The daughter of a Racine man court ordered not to procreate as part of a condition of probation is publicly defending her father.

"From what I saw growing up, it was kind of hard for him to have a relationship with my brother and I," explained Janay Curtis. "We're the two oldest so I used to blame my father for not coming around but as I just sat back and observed things, maybe he was just staying away to avoid the drama."

The 22-year-old said she wanted to set the record straight about her father, Corey Curtis, 44. Monday a Racine County judge ordered he not have additional kids unless he could support them financially. Curtis has 9 children.

The case in question involved two now adult children including Janay. According to court records he owes their mother roughly $85,000 in back child support and interest.

Curtis' daughter told CBS 58 her father is not a deadbeat dad like some may perceive. "I think the definition of a deadbeat is someone that helps bring a child in the world and actually has no physical contact, no phone calls, no contact at all that's a deadbeat."

Janay said she forgave Curtis and they now speak regularly. She doesn't agree with the judge's ruling.

"Everyone has a life of their own to live he probably made a mistake by not taking care of us but who's to say he hasn't changed," she said. "What if one day he decides to get married and his wife wants kids he has to prove he can father a child? I don't think that's fair at all."

Janay said she doesn't want any back child support from her father.