Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DPW working to clear storm drains
by Becky Mortensen

MILWAUKEE --- In anticipation of warm weather and melting snow the Department of Public Works is asking the public's help in removing snow and ice from storm drains.

The DPW has been focusing on drains in low lying areas as these places are more likely to retain water. They say these areas are where potential ponding may be a problem throughout the city.

Friday, about 15 DPW crews were dispatched with cleaning equipment to ensure that the drains are clear and melting water will have a place to go. There are 55,000 drains throughout the city so crews may need a little help in clearing out the drains.

Residents are encouraged to remove and obstructions that may be covering drains in their neighborhoods to help eliminate potential flooding.

"If residents know where the catch basins are located, they can help the city of Milwaukee tremendously if they just go out, uncover them, and that would alleviate them from surface ponding in their areas, " Robert Brooks the Milwaukee Sewer Service Manager explained.

The DPW asks residents to report any surface ponding to the sewer maintenance staff at 286-CITY.