DA looking into death of West Allis man


by WDJT Editor

WEST ALLIS---The Milwaukee County District Attorney is looking to the death of a West Allis man.

Robert Maurina, 46, was found dead in the basement bathroom of the home where he lived with his brother and brother's girlfriend last month.

Less than 24 hours before, Maurina was in an altercation with West Allis police where he was tased.

West Allis police notified the DA's office about the death and the investigation.

Maurina had been arrested for OWI while trying to pick up his girlfriend at the police station for the same thing.

Maurina has four OWI's with one pending.

His brother told police he binge drank, smoked, and was dealing with anxiety.

The officers involved are still on active duty.

The DA's office said it could be a week at least before they know what they will do with the case.


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