Critical Vessels Being Brought Into Port from Choppy Lake Michigan

Waves Expected to Reach 33 Feet on Lake Michigan


by Michele McCormack
by Michael Schlessinger

MILWAUKEE-The Port of Milwaukee is taking steps to protect its docks and boats ahead of huge waves expected within the next 24 hours as a result of the winds brought by Hurricane Sandy.

The National Weather Service issued warnings for the great lakes through Wednesday. Wisconsin emergency authorities said waves could reach 33 feet in the heart of the lake and as high as 15 feet along the Wisconsin coast.

"Ugly. Angry lake the next couple of days," Boater Bruce Nason told CBS 58's Michael Schlessinger.

As a former commodore at the South Shore Yacht Club, he's seen a lot on the lake.

"I think we're pretty well set. 99% of the boats are out of the water."

Wayne Johnson, the Harbor Master of the Port of Milwaukee, was overseeing preparations all day Monday.

Vessels from the historic Dennis Sullivan and the Lake Express Ferry have litterally sought harbor here.


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