Meeting on Police Conduct Gets Ugly

Chief Was Addressing Officer Conduct on Murder Case


by Michele McCormack
by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE-"No justice, no peace, no justice, no peace."

It's not what you typically see at meetings of the Fire and Police Commission.

But on Thursday night, many in the crowd were angered that Chief Ed
Flynn left before hearing public comment.

He was addressing the commission about officers' conduct while investigating the fatal shooting of a 13 year old boy, Darius Simmons.

The teen's elderly neighbor has been charged with the crime.

The mother of the victim has complained about being kept in a police car and not allowed to be with her dying son.

National activists had come to town questioning why that happened to the mother, and local activists were hoping to address the Chief fact to face.

The Chief, after his initial comments, said he had a prior commitment. Police commanders stayed behind, but that was not enough for about half the crowd that showed up and walked out as well.

Shawn Muhhmad, a resident, said of the Chief's depature, "I actually respect some of the Chief's policing methods. But, if he's so arrogant that he don't want to respect us, hell, we got to deal with him like he hostile towards us then."

While addressing commission members about the handling of the murder case the Chief said, "In the critical first moments in the aftermath of a homicide we have one chance to get it right."

But the mother's attorney, Jon Safran, made it clear after the meeting while talking to CBS 58 that "Dignity, respect and compassion are important and my client is certainly upset about that."


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