UPDATE: Witnesses speak about crane collapse on Milwaukee's east side


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- A crane fell over landing on four cars on N. Prospect Ave. just south of North Ave. today. Police say the incident took place just before 1:30 p.m.

One of the cars was occupied by two people, and the other cars were empty. The two people in one car suffered minor injuries.

The accident also caused a power line and light pole were also taken out.

Witnesses tell CBS 58 News that a a couple was inside one of the cars with their dog and incredibly survived the impact.

There's also another story of a mother with a stroller in the path of the falling steel.

Everyone started screaming and someone working the crane acted to save the mom and baby.

'We saw the light reflecting from the steel beams and it was coming toward the woman with the baby," witness James Campbell recalled. "The man that was holding that tether holding the steel beams he steered the beams so it wouldn't hit the woman and the baby and they were able to get out of the way."


Crane just toppled at Prospect Mall project on East Side. Looks like only minor injuries. Wow pic.twitter.com/AjvbqfJ8A0

— Jim Plaisted (@JimPlaisted) May 9, 2014







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