Craigslist adoption ends with two dogs nearly starved


by Michele McCormack

FOND DU LAC---Police are asking for help to locate the people who had adopted two dogs via Craigslist but apparently dumped the animals back at the old owners house nearly starved to death.

"They were in horrific condition," said Joni Geiger of the Osh Kosh Area Humane Society. "They had been starved for a long period of time." 

The dogs, Quincy and Dolly have been at the Osh Kosh Humane Society since they first turned up at the old owner's house three weeks ago.

It was actually a year ago, that the owner could no longer care for them.

"She had the option to bring them to us," Geiger said. "However, she re-homed them using Craigslist. She didn't get any information other than a first name."

Since coming to the Osh Kosh shelter the dogs have almost nearly recovered.

The Humane Society says this should be a warning people need to ask a lot of questions and check out the new home for themselves.

"If people want to do it on their own that's fine," Geiger says. "But, do your homework. Remember this is a family member and you want to do the best for them."

Fond Du Lac Police are asking anyone with information to please call  920-906-5555. 


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