Several cows trapped in burning barn killed


by Matt Doyle

TOWN OF OAKLAND -- A barn filled with cattle went up in flames Saturday evening. The residents that live on the property were able to get some of the cows out safely. However, the Fort Atkinson Fire Department confirmed that some cattle did die in the fire.

More than 20 cows died in the barn. The Fire Department believes there were about 35 cows in the structure when the fire broke out. As of Sunday morning, there was still a vet on scene treating the surviving cows for smoke inhalation.

Sue Casey lives across from the barn and was driving home when she noticed the flames.
"We called 9-11 right away,” Casey said. “We got the neighbors out of the house. They didn't even know the barn was on fire."
Casey believes the weather helped fuel the fire.
"The wind was bad,” Casey said. “It comes right out of the south, right off this field. Blows right across and I'm sure that fed it."
Firefighters faced the elements and a of lack water supply.
"We had to haul all the water in,” Lt. Lawrence said. “The cold weather, the snow, the typical winter conditions we had to face."
The barn is believed to be a total loss. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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