County Working Hard to Keep Roads Clear


by Matt Doyle


Thursday's travel theme is easy: slow down. The freeways are wet and can be slick in spots. The Milwaukee County Sheriff responded to multiple crashes through the day.


The Milwaukee County Department of Transportation has been rolling since dawn as well.

The county’s been running 65 trucks since 7 o'clock Thursday morning. Each driver works on a 12-hour shift. Trucks are constantly reloading - as each truck holds between seven and 12 tons of salt.

Drivers have been working hard this afternoon preparing for rush hour.

"Each man has his own district,” Milwaukee County Department of Transportation representative Rick Jurewicz says. “We have a set number of people that are assigned to interstate. A set number of people assigned to state and county trunk roads. We don't change that. Our biggest focus right now is on rush our and we are trying to get people home as quickly and safely as possible."

Since they've been salting all day, they're not worried about ice buildup. However, they will keep trucks out overnight to prevent that.

And the usual reminder- slow down and keep your distance from the salt trucks.


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