Corey Stingley's father releases image of fatal encounter

West Allis teen dies in scuffle with convenience store customers


by Michele McCormack
by Keith Meka

WEST ALLIS-A fuzzy image from security store surveillance was given to CBS 58 News by Corey Stingley's father, Craig late Wednesday.

It shows what appears to be one of the customer's holding the teenager in a headlock.

The father obtained video of the incident at V.J.'s Food Mart and says it shows two others holding his son down.

The honor student and athlete at Nathan Hales High School was in that position for at least ten minutes, according to the father.

Nine months after the encounter and Corey's subsequent brain damage and death, and there still has been no decision on charges.

West Allis Police referred only one of the men for charges, but no action has been taken.

Tory Lowe, a community activist and friend of the family said the Stingleys are frustrated.

"When you see 3 males who are protected by the system claiming citizen's arrest it's very frustrating," Lowe told CBS 58 News, "when you got a dead teenager or a father dealing with the death of his son and not having the answers on what happened."


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