Cops search for gunman at wedding photo shoot


by Keith Meka

WAUKESHA - A wild scene played out at a wedding over the weekend. Kevin and Jessica Panfil had just exchanged vows and then headed to Frame Park for wedding party photos Friday.  They were about half way through the shoot when squad cars began swarming on ther park. An officer used here P.A. address system to tell people they were looking for a man in a green jacket with a gun. The bride looked over and saw the man they were talking about only 10 feet away. She and others ran to a park bathroom and blocked the door. The groom, an off duty local police officer, then saw officers with weapons drawn and riot shields take the suspect out of a car and arrest him. No one was hurt, but the wedding party was shaken a little bit. The suspect was booked for disorderly conduct, but a weapon was not recovered.  The wedding continued without a hitch and now the couple has a very interesting story about the day they were married.



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